Frutopia Valley is Owen's big debut. After his college years of backpacking through Europe, working on an organic dairy farm in Germany, and serving as the student body president of his college class, he has decided to pursue his passion and write.

 Owen is currently working on his children's book with his brother Anton. It is always exciting to see what these two creative individuals can come up with, so stay tuned!

The boy gaped as he stared down at the valley floor one thousand feet below. They were surrounded on all sides by the steep mountain ranges, totally encapsulated from the outside world... At the heart of the valley, there was a great crystalline lake lying along the eastern perimeter of the mountain range... It was the hub of the civilized part of this world.'There it is. Frutopia Valley. My home.
-Excerpt from the book Frutopia Valley

Meet Children's Author Owen W. Schwaegerle

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Frutopia Valley